If you are looking to increase revenues and not just survive in an increasingly challenging marketplace then you need to secure the highest quality salespeople the industry has to offer.

We are the leading Electrical & Electronic Sales Recruitment Firm for manufacturers, distributors and manufacturer rep firms across the US. 

With our Recruitment Blueprint search process, we're able to locate and contact your perfect sales candidate, present the opportunity in a way that piques their interest, and when we get to the point, help you close the candidate on the role. 

Salespeople are who keep the lights on!


If you have a weak sales force, then your manufacturing and distribution slows down, which leads to downsizing and implementing strategies that are mostly reactionary instead of proactive.


On the other hand, a strong sales force makes companies grow, creates jobs and leads to strategy meetings where you decide the next market to tackle. 

The most important factor about a strong sales team... they make your job easier!!!


If you want to hire a candidate that will exceed your expectations, then you have to speak to us. You'll instantly see why the Electronic companies that work with us keep coming back. Because their salespeople are blowing quotas out of the water and taking their companies to the next level.

Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

At Example Recruiting, our mission is to find passive, qualified, interested, and ready-to-interview sales candidates that will exceed quotas year after year!

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